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Here at The Web Guy I hand-craft Web Solutions with Powerful Technologies.

My websites are built with  all the latest doodackies (technical term)  and are able to integrate social media and online video seamlessly. They are also fully responsive so able to be viewed on mobile devices easily.


The services I provide have been pulled together out of a need for better marketing based websites. These services on their own or in conjunction with each other have the potential to generate you traffic and leads which you can use to your advantage. The idea here is to use a website with some of the other tools, the main one being online video, to capture leads by giving your potential customer something of value for free upfront.

You first need some kind of offer to give to your potential customers for free which will grab you their name and email address details and that then goes into your database for use in email marketing. Using bulk emailing services like Mailchimp, which is free to setup, you can then begin to market on a regular basis to that database.

This model suits most businesses and if it doesn’t then we can always come up with something that does suit your needs.

Why Choose Me?

  • I am a friendly guy who knows his stuff
  • My work speaks for itself
  • High quality, cost effective solutions
  • My stuff works on every platform and browser
  • I can offer you full support when needed
  • Testimonials

My Services

Web Design

Professional web design and development at an affordable price. These modern and dynamic websites get the job done.

Pricing & Packages


What use is a website if nobody is going to find it? Use one or both of these services to generate traffic to your website.

Pricing & Packages


Online video is the new cool. Everybody’s using it so get in on that action. What used to cost $20,000 can now be done for less than $2000

Pricing & Packages

Email Marketing

Using regular emails to your existing clients is one of the best ways to create residual income almost on autopilot.

Pricing & Packages

Web Hosting

Secure and fast web hosting packages for your website are essential in this day and age. Keep it simple and choose one of our two options.

Pricing & Packages

Social Media

You can’t escape it. If you are not using social media in your business today you will be losing some of that business to your competitors.

Pricing & Packages

If you don’t find the services you are looking for, please contact us.x
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