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Here at The Web Guy my aim is to provide you with everything you need to get setup online in one place. Please think of me as your total solution for the web!

Lead Generating Systems

The old school websites that acted as glorified business cards are out and the new lead generating dynamic websites are in. Using a combination of services I can provide for you, you’ll be able to generate leads in no time and then you’ll be all happy and can have a drink after work.

Online Video That Converts

It is a little known fact that nowadays video converts much higher than any other medium on the interweb. If you have a video on your website then people are 75% more likely to watch the video than they are to read reams of copy so it pays to get with the program and slap some video on your website then aye.

SEO friendly websites

These days it’s not enough to just have a website that looks all fancy pants. You need to have an SEO friendly website so that when it comes time to get your website ranked in Google you have a head start. All my websites are SEO ready and waiting to rock it till their socks fall off.

Watch this choice as video

Why Choose The Web Guy?

At The Web Guy I can offer you a one stop shop solution for getting everything you need for your business when it comes to things like web design, SEO, online video, social media, yadda yadda yadda you get the picture.
Doing web design, SEO, online video and social media he understands how to best integrate all of those facets into one great big ball of awesome online connectedness that will generate results for you and make you feel all gooey inside.
He can make things affordable for you as he is the only one in the company (technically that’s not true…I have help from my mum sometimes and one of my mates too)
I offer you training and support should you need any and want to learn how to make changes to things yourself. Then you can really be the captain of your ship.
I am always here to help you with anything that comes up. I’m just an email or a phone call away so you can have piece of mind that anything you need help with will get sorted quickly…sometimes like silly fast.

What My Clients Say

Shaun was an absolute pleasure to work with. I had a project where we needed to film a ridiculous amount of content for a website in a very short amount of time. Amazingly he was very generous with his time and energy and really cared about my business. He has a great work ethic and extremely approachable and always helpful with any questions I had . I have already referred him a client of mine who was also very impressed with his work, speed efficiency and ability to make what could be confusing straight forward and simple.
Dov Phillips, Inspiring Wellness.
Shaun knows his stuff. He answers questions clearly and promptly, and even sends a video to explain how things work, which for a novice like myself is fantastic. He did a great job setting up a complex shopping cart on my website. He is cheerful and helpful, and easy to work with. I recommend his services very highly: an I.T. person who is also a great communicator: wow!
Juliet Batten,
Shaun has helped me with video, website stuff and other geeky type work. He’s awesome at making things easy to understand for somebody like me who is not a techy. People keep coming to my website and saying how much they love the videos on there and Shaun did all of them.  Highly recommend his services to anybody wanting any of the things he offers.
JR Robertson, The Production Agency.

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